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    Huge praise for Excelsior security

    It goes without saying how much I love Aruba and always always feel safe here. We spend 3 months here and have become good friends with the staff at the Excelsior casino, yesterday England played so we had a few beers in the afternoon, this led to many many many vodkas in the casino and finally leaving at 4am this morning ouch sore heads today! I just wanted to mention how great security were at the Excelsior. We (myself and husband) were waiting outside for a taxi when we were approached by 3 men who'd also been in the casino, they were asking us where we were staying, offering us a lift home and drugs. I grabbed the wallet out of my husbands hands, popped my head round the doors of Excelsior and signalled security he came to me straight away even though the casino was closed. The men left immediately and security stood with us and made sure we got into a taxi safely. It may have been a totally innocent approach and the lads may genuinely have been offering us a lift home but something worried me last night. Here's to drinking responsible hey

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    glad to know u got back to your hotel safe and sound !!!!
    will agree with you and give the guys the benefit of the doubt, maybe they were just being nice....although why the offer of drugs I don't have an answer for....

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    Not sure what to make of the three men as they have been in the casino as well and where they could possibly be identified if they had done something. Maybe they were looking for "customers" to sell their drugs to. I dunno. Glad that the security guys were still there when you needed them and that they made sure you got home safely by taxi.

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    Security at the casinos is usually pretty good!
    Glad that they were there when you needed them.

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