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    Humidity in october?

    We are visiting the island for the first time in october.Could anyone tell us what tempreture to expect in the day time and the evening and the humidity in the evening.

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    Good source for the basics:

    The "feel" of the weather will be dictated by storms, north and east of the island. If there are Hurricanes building or extant in those areas it will be less breezy on the island and feel a bit more oppressive. The normal breeze takes the edge off the heat and humidity, moderating it quite a bit.

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    As long as there is the normal breeze, it will not feel humid. It may feel somewhat humid if you are shopping in town, because the buildings block the wind, but on the beach it is usually perfect. The weather is about the same year round.

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    October weather
    Average high temperature 90 F.
    Average low temperature 80 F.
    Average temperature 83 F.
    Average water temperature 83 F.
    Average relative humidity 79%
    Average windspeed 13 mph
    Average maximum wind speed 28 mph
    Average rainfall 2.60 inches (20.3 inches annual)

    Like Florida, the humidity builds up over night. After sunrise the sun tends to dry things out a bit.

    Just looked and right now humidity is at 79%. Average year round is 78%.

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    i use the "eyeglasses" fogging up as my guide.

    this past jan/feb, had no fog on my glasses

    humid always.........but those trade winds make it very tolerable

    sept and oct tend to feel most humid as the weather is volatile in the caribbean/atlantic due to tropic storms or hurricanes or other weather systems.....
    sometimes those weather systems, many hundred miles away, suck away those aruba tradewinds!

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    I use my hair as my guide!! No use in trying to "style" it if you have any curl....
    But as far as feeling the humidity, it doesn't ever feel that bad, nothing like it does here.

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    I have a 'hair meter' too. I have curly hair and it just gets
    big and frizzy! LOL!

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    It was so funny the first time I went to Aruba, I just worried about how my hair would look--shoot when you go out the "style" goes to that wind blown look. LOL I just bought a hat. LOL I can't wait to get there again--I love that wind blown look LOL

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    On my very first trip to Aruba, while being transported to the resort, the driver made a comment, which I will always remember and still get a chuckle out of. "It's always a bad hair day in Aruba."

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    Under a hut, walking Eagle Beach, lunch on the beach, Amstel Bright Beer on the beach, coffee in the morning on the beach, taking a dip in the sea,
    >>> ""It's always a bad hair day in Aruba." "
    ----- Ditto. But that breeze feels good. Weather(temperature/humidity) is always better than what we sometimes get in July/August in Maryland. So sitting on Eagle Beach, drinking a cold Amstel Bright Beer, can't be beat.
    Bring a baseball cap to wear for sun protection and to keep hair in place. You may not feel the sun but you can get burned. For nice walks up Eagle Beach its always a T-shirt and baseball cap for me.
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