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Thread: I wish I had left __________ at home?

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    I wish I had left __________ at home?

    Please fill in the blank in the sentence "I wish I had left __________ at home."

    Just curious what you have brought that you wish you hadn't (or never used). I've read a lot of the what to bring threads, but maybe we can expand on them. Perhaps you brought two outfits for each day and only wore one. Maybe you brought "floats" that didn't get used. Maybe you brought toys for the kids that they never played with, etc.

    I'm traveling with my family & young children (4 & 7), so feel free to include answers that apply to children as well as adults. However, "my children" should not be an answer


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    i wish that we had left more shorts and tops/shirts back home.

    am i allowed to answer "my children" (not "your children" ) ??

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    I wish I had left more shorts & tops at home.
    Learned that lesson and now only bring one set of clothes fro the plane ride home and shorts and shirt for one day of touring.

    I wish I had left
    more liquids (shampoo & conditioner) at home.
    Learned that lesson by buying Aruba Aloe products once we arrive.

    I wish I had left more books at home.
    Now instead of worrying about not having enough to read, I have a years worth of reading on my Kindle.

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    Eagle Beach, California Lighthouse, Baby Beach
    Cell phone

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    Return tickets

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    Scott's Brats...and our patio

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    Costa Linda, Renaissance Ocean Suites, any place where there is a beach and tiki hut I am good 8)
    These are extremely helpful! Thanks to all

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    I wish I'd left half of my clothes at home. I should have figured that out by now. Every trip I take less clothes and more other beach supplies (folding cooler, fishing stuff, snorkel gear). On my next trip, I'll probably take enough clothes to fill my carry on and fill my suitcase with other supplies. I also need to take less shoes, but what's a girl gonna do???

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    I have to agree with everyone else - the only things I have brought that were not needed were clothes and shoes. I now bring half the clothes I think I will need and 2 pairs of flip flops ( I wear a pair on the plane and put an extra in the suitcase) and sneakers for work outs - although I never work out as much as I think I will. The only clothes you need a lot of are bathing suits and coverups. I also bring less make up and jewelry than I used to - I just never take the time to put make up on most nights and I got sick of worrying about keeping my jewelry safe during travel and the hotel room.

    Trip #14 in

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    my kid's, nieces and nephew's, who accompany us in june. it's a nightmare, uncle ricky, please get us reservation's for dinner, please call etc etc. actually enjoy their company, all 18 of them!!!!!! italian family memory's priceless.............

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