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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Joz View Post
    I woke up to my cat starring me in the face going MEOW - FEED ME at 5:30 a.m.

    MY son has that same problem.LOL

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    Thanks for that Big Papa! I'm feeling the stress of everything here this last week before we leave for AUA and that reminded me what I'm headed for in just six days. It'll make the week a little easier, thinking of it in that aspect. And, the last message about not crying because you're leaving but smiling because it happened, will be something I'll remember!

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    Thumbs up Paradise Found!

    Thanks Big Papa. You are a terrific writer!

    You have made my day!


    Next Aruba trip in

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    For at least I minute I allowed myself to drift away, only to be brought back to reality by my buzzing phone. 20 weeks or so and counting!
    Back to Aruba in:

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    Big Papa, awaiting that trip report...



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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by BigPapa View Post
    Many of you are facing the White....Cold ...Season of the year...The one I left behind...If only for a little while...But this morning ...Close your eyes and come with me...To the Island...If you will.

    As I type the Island is waking up....The trade winds are blowing your you look out over the aqua colored waters of Aruba...Coffee in hand....That relaxed ...Tan feeling is what you feel...You have long stopped worrying about your hair...because there is nothing you can do....but sit back and relax..

    Your goal today....With a good book in your hands....Is to soak up gods gift of the glow....Cold drink near by...The steel band in the background whisks you away...To the happy times of life....all those worries of home are far behind.
    The smell of Coconut Oil is in the air..and as you drift off...a smile is all they see.

    All of you are with me now...In the spirit of the Island...Leave all the worries behind....If only for a little while.

    Don't cry because it's over.....Smile because it happened.
    You said it BigPapa !! It's funny because I call my Dad BigPapa too Aruba is almost here for my family & I. Im so excited ! You even made me feel like I was there if even for a moment

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    reading that brought tears to my eyes......oh how i long for aruba!

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    BigPapa...That was wonderful...I will go to bed with a smile on my face I dream of my return to Paradise in May

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