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Thread: Iguana's

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpie View Post
    Well, I wasn't hurt, a few scratches, but it scared the cr*p out of me!

    Sitting at the Bucuti restaurant at lunch on our 1st visit. Watching the iguanas being fed at other tables and how afraid of them some people were. We were NOT feeding them. Eating my salad and suddenly feel something trying to claw it's way between my knees into my lap. I, naturally, scream and jump backwards out of my chair. One of the bigger (of course!) iguanas is just standing there looking at me like I'm crazy. I had claw scratches half way up my inner thighs and it did break the skin some.

    Now, if there are iguanas roaming I refuse to sit with my legs under a table!

    I survived only slightly traumatized and our souvenir from that trip was a rubber iguana!

    Same thing happened to me while eating lunch at Bucuti's Pirate's Nest! Scared the beejeebers out of me! Was watching the iguanas strolling around the area but did not see the one coming up from behind me. It actually jumped up on my leg startling me half to death! Felt those little claws did into my leg! When I jumped up, he fell to the ground, but didn't even run away! Crazy thing was so bold. DH got a good laugh out of that one! Waitress came along to shoo them all away and I was able to finish my lunch in peace. But it was an experience I won't forget!

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    North Side of the island, we spend a day there alone and maybe see 4 people.
    I am a tough cookie being in Construction management and prior Army. But DH loves the comedy act when we are in Aruba..... Casa Del Mar staff laugh all week at me sitting at the bar with feet up. I even see one and begin to squirm...
    Bad thing is for me once I spot one and squeal.... yes squeal like a 4 year old it seems to entice a whole herd of them to caom watch the crazy lady.

    Drinking Brown Lady's and Aruba Ariba's seems to slow my response time also...

    So if you are there like Amy & Music Man that week, and need a good laugh stop on by CDM.

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    One of the th8ings i enjoy while watching iguanas is their "chain of command". I love to see the leader let the others know that he/she is in charge. Typically it involves them spacing their legs and holding a stance and nodding thier heads up and down a few times.
    Very interesting to watch.


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    Here is a friendly type of fellow at the Tamarijn. Our friend is feeding him an apple.

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    It's illegal to kill the iguana's here, still many people still hunt it for the famous iguana's soup, I have seen some friends do this, but am totally against it, iguana's are a very sweet and beautiful animal, I have two at home for 3 years already and they are like my pet...I love them... :-)
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    Witnessed a family eating pizza at the Marriot Ocean Club pool when one climbed up the back of a little boy. Hope he's not traumatized for life! LOL Mom was trying to lure the iguana away with out much luck. So many people feed them so they aren't afraid of people. Oh, they do swim very well also, so you might see them swimming across a pool

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    Laying around at the pool one day and drinking way tooooooo much...we were feeding the iguanas the oranges and cherries...they love cherries...and one little one was very bold and just stayed by us and kept eating the cherries...after a little while he turned to go away and fell off the cement path onto the far, just about 1/2 inch..we realized the little guy was drunk as a skunk !!!! We laughed for days...but quit feeding them alcohol laced fruit, didn't want to see one get hurt due to our stupidity....but, it sure was funny !!!!!!

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    oh cr*p!!! you guys are scaring me - I hate any creepy crawlers and these are big crawlers.....

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