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    i agree with wife and i go every October for at least 2 weeks and you might get a sprinkle or two but that's about it..if there's a major storm in the caribbean you might get a little more rain but it doesn't rain for days on end..have fun and good luck..
    scott and tricia

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    We have been going to Aruba in October for the last 5years and yes it does rain but not enough to ruin your vacation,Early morning showers.Liquid Sunshine.Enjoy your honeymoon.

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    Went to aruba last year on my honeymoon from Oct 1st to the 10th rained one day at night for a couple of hours thats it. The good thing about oct is the trade winds are down, it's less crowded and the weather is beautiful. I am going back this oct around the same time. Don't worry aruba is great

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    Hi There,
    We honeymooned in Aruba in November, I was told the same thing and felt the same way....we had a few minutes of rain about 3 or 4 times...and it felt good! I hope you have a great Honeymoon, we did and keep coming back for more.


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    Marinewifetobe...please calm are in for a wonderful time, you have chosen a wonderful destination, things will be perfect....don't worry!!!!!!!! You are making yourself crazy for no reason, honestly !

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    I've vacationed in Aruba during "the rainy" season for the past 5 years.

    I was so unconcerned about that time of year, that we eloped to Aruba last October. Wouldn't you know, it rained on the 10 minute drive from our accomodations to City hall. It wasn't raining but overcast when we walked in, and it was beautifully sunny by the time we left.

    It's supposed to be good luck to have it rain on your wedding day.

    Don't worry, you stand a better chance of reciving the rain blessing during October than you do other times of the year.


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