Over the last number of months there have been some "reported postings"- Those reports have indicated that they were unsure if a posting was supposed to be funny or mean spirited.

Here on the Aruba.com Community Forum we all take pride in the fact that we go the extra mile in trying to be kind and respectful.

So with much respect, I ask (ok demand ) we use smilies liberally.

Here is how Aruba.com address smilies in their "rules"

  • Use smiley faces, emoticons or other indicators of intent liberally. One of the major flaws of Internet communication is the lack of vocal inflections and visual indications of emotion, intent, sarcasm, etc. Be clear what you mean. Many problems occur because someone does not pick up on the sarcasm or otherwise get the joke.

Please remember this forum is the property of Aruba.com.
It is NOT my forum.
The rules are from Aruba.com.