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    My home in Aruba, Casa Koyari, my second home, Casa Del Mar, followed by Arashi and Baby Beaches!
    Happy Islander, looks like you got your baby. Maybe she'll get a little sister or brother soon:-) They are very easy to raise in pairs...

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    Any of Aruba's beaches, Sand dunes on North shore, Sitting among huge boulders overlooking the beautiful tropical desert scenery
    Thank you all so much for your sweet words. (Sorry, just saw your reply today) We love our new puppy! She's very affectionate and so smart.

    Cubella - Ahh, thanks for your advice, but for now she is actually a full time job! We take her out to walk & go potty 8 times a day...we want her to grow up to be a good calm & submissive dog. Perhaps in the future, we can consider adopting one of the cute rescue puppies...

    Luvsun, not sure if you received my pm, but it took us about an hour to complete the paperwork to get her home after her plane landed in Aruba. We needed to pay duty so maybe you can bring your babies home sooner if you don't need to pay duty for them. They seem pretty efficient at the cargo office.

    BTW, here's a more recent photo of our new baby
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    happy island pup :-)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Importing a Puppy From the US or Netherlands-386464_111501572298024_100003145459135_69398_594149975_n.jpg  

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    Scott's Brats...and our patio
    I didn't get your PM..thanks for the info.
    We shouldn't have to pay any duty on them.

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