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Thread: Inclement Weather. What steps do you take to not " lose your vacation"?

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    We've only flown in March (with no problems) but this year will be a couple weeks earlier than usual. In the back of my mind I'm a little worried but I keep telling myself I'll get to Aruba one way or another. Make me stay a day or two extra - I welcome it.

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    2 words to always keep in the back of your mind

    Trip Insurance

    Please always check out different plans for trip insurance.

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    In the 90s we always went in the winter. We never had a problem with weather. We always hoped to be on the island when a big storm hit the northern U.S. so we would be stranded in Aruba for a few extra days. Never got that lucky.

    I did hear yesterday that some airlines were allowing passengers to change flights without incurring fees.

    I also heard on the morning news a great tip that I never thought of myself. Don't check a bag if there is a possibility of flight changes. If you take solely a carry-on you don't have to worry about having already checked your luggage if you need to change flights. Although, I've never yet been able to go to Aruba with solely a carry-on. I'd like another trip to give it another chance though. LOL

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    In a word...prayer. I just printed out my boarding pass to fly out of JFK tomorrow. Back when I bought my ticket, I almost booked for today (because I wanted to try JetBlue Mint), but JetBlue had a sale on regular seats so I stayed with Sunday. God is good...

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    We have never been before April or after November so the only time we had weather related delays was when there was a tornado and bad storms in Miami of all places. Flight from DFW was delayed 3 hours.

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