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Thread: An interesting read

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    Dan - good points. We're seeing another sector of the service industry as we're in the process of building a house. I promised my spouse that I wouldn't get "all North American" as we wind our way through design and build. I just chalk most of it up to "island time" and triple all estimates. I then stand outside in the sun and think, "I don't care about the inconvenience and hassles... this is all worth it to be here..."

    But I still think the woman at the submarine rides could do with an attitude adjustment. LOL

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    Thanks for the link Andrea and thanks for the comments Dan. I stuck with you the whole way as I enjoyed your comments more than the article. Some said the Times article seemed "angry". I'm not a Times reader, and I was confused as the article seemed a somber search for ancestry to begin with and morphed into a tour-guide type article to end. And I too did not care for the minstrel comment. I think the Aruba marketing plan does exactly what it needs to do and I don't feel it misleads. Aruba depends on tourism, period. I'm sure any travel destination that depends on tourists' dollars to sustain the local economy can find the continual intrusion of foreigners tiring.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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