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    Just wanted to share some 'happy' news

    A Miracle happened for the Calico Girls!

    Pickles, Sweets, Toots and Edna fates were unsure. One of our strong supporters of our rescue operation, Lora, decided that she would take all four girls to Iowa with her so we could make sure they got good homes. On Friday, with help from her girls Abby and Alisha, she flew the kittens back to the US. The girls were our ‘good will ambassadors’ and told everyone about how wonderful it is to rescue a cat from Aruba. They also made sure that the kittens were happy and safe.

    Toots had a small medical issue and another great supporter and wonderful moderator of this board Andrea decided to adopt her and drove 5 hours each way to the Miami airport just to pick her up.

    We are so grateful to these wonderful women, girls and husbands for creating a ‘miracle’ for us. These little kittens had been though a lot and we are so happy to know that they have the chance they deserve to be in good loving homes.

    We love you guys and words will never express the happiness both Mick and I feel about you all! Would also like to thank our DC group for offering support to everyone during their travels which had a few snags to say the least.

    Here is our Facebook page with the pictures we took:

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    the community forum commends you and mick for all that you do for those that cannot do for themselves. (aruba cats)

    as you can see by the photos all kitties are gorgeous and are now settled in as USA cat citizens.
    my dear husband was so dead against another cat i never thought he would budge...came to a showdown on wednesday evening result, toots 1 - paul 0.
    toots is now "paul's cat and her name is callie"

    thank you aruba kitten rescue for all the good you have done.

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    It has been a great rewarding journey saving the cats and kittens here.
    There is only 1 place that takes cats - the aruba animal shelter - and
    they can only house 10 cats and 15 kittens and are always overloaded.

    We are hoping that a vet group can continue our good work and hoping
    to add in spay and neuter for the cats here since overpopulation is such
    a problem.

    I will keep everyone posted on what happens.

    I'm so happy that Paul has a new BFF -- isn't that always the way it works out!!

    I hope that you will enjoy your little bundle of joy and glad to see she is adopting
    to her new home so well.

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    I love happy endings.

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    Under my chickie at the aruba beach club along with my husband and my favorite drink
    How wonderful to be able to help out some of our furry friends...

    All of you involved are truly wonderful!

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    Divi links, pool, beach, lighthouse, Arikok National Park, etc.
    Wonderful news. Go glad to hear it all worked out.

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