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Thread: Keeping Beer COLD once it leaves the cooler.

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    For me the colder the beer, the faster I drink it. Once a beer is warm, I tend to sip it slowly and don't enjoy it much. Like I went to Pizza Bob my first night every trip, I order a Pizza to go and a pint while I'm waiting. The mug was chilled but the Baslashi was not as cold as I would like it so I drank it slow. At home I put the beer in the freezer and keep it there before it starts to freeze. Yes I like it ice cold! Funny thing though I'm not much of a beer drinker but if it is ice cold, I will drink it..

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    We freeze some water in a bottle overnight and just drink vodka on the beach. Stays nice & cold
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    crazy that you posted the link for the bottle keeper...I was on pinterest the other day and saved it as a bookmark in order to get a few for vacation. I figured if I don't use it for the big bottles in Aruba I can use it here in the states....looks like a pretty cool way to keep the bottles safe and the beer cold.
    I usually take 2 soft sided coolers to aruba and when going out and about we fill one with ice for drinks and one for the beer, the cap't(which we put in an empty water bottle) the soda, and water bottles.

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    if you keep refilling them they don't have a chance of getting warm.
    Next Aruba trip in

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    Amsterdam Manor, anywhere with a hot sun and a cold drink.
    I'm not familiar with warm beer. I eat my dinners before they get cold and, just like CP, drink my beers before they get warm.

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