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    Kitten adopted from the Divi... pass it on to others


    Just wanted to share with you that another kitten was adopted from the hotels.
    This time is was from the Divi. Divi Divi (the kittens name) was lucky to find
    a home in the US where she will lead a happy life instead of having to fend
    for herself for food and dealing with the dangers in the form of nasty people, feral cats
    and dogs. You can read her story and see how cute she is on our website.

    If you happen to be at a hotel and see someone who looks interested in
    adopting a cat - please pass on that it's easy to adopt a cat from Aruba
    and that we are available to help out. I tell everyone who has adopted
    a cat from Aruba that they don't realize the wonderful thing that they are
    doing for this pet. Resources for cats and dogs on the island are at an
    all time low. The hotels aren't really "open" to our program since they
    don't want people to keep pets in their hotel rooms even though we offer
    "temporary" housing for the cats until the people leave.

    We would like to thank everyone who has brought us down supplies
    because without your generous donations - we couldn't do what
    we do.

    Thanks for reading and if you can't adopt a cat here - pass on our information.
    It could make a world of difference to an Aruban cat or kitten!


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    That's fantastic! We will be on the island again in March so we will be happy to bring some more supplies in the spring.

    -Mod Momma

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