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Thread: Least we forget

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    Least we forget

    at least a portion on the rules/guidelines

    the rules not written by me, but by the owners of this site "the aruban govenrment"

    here is what i see as a very important section of the rules.

    • Have respect for other opinions. If you disagree with someone, do not attack them personally. Try to make thoughtful comments about their opinion, perspective, assumptions, etc., but do not attack them personally. Everyone has an opinion based on a number of different factors, like their own personal experiences, values, etc. If someone disagrees with you, it is probably because they value one thing more than another. Attacking them does nothing but create anger and resentment. Discussing the values and perspective that underlies their opinions may increase your understanding and it may encourage them to see your perspective as well. Personal attacks are the tools of someone who probably doesn’t have a very good point to make, or of someone who holds a belief that has no foundation in reasoned thought
    Please respect other's opinions.
    I have been sent a few written private message "thrashings" in the last few weeks on our abilities as moderators.
    The pm's were hurtful, insulting and inappropriate.
    Please treat each other respectfully.

    This site is owned and managed by the government of Aruba.
    It is "our privilege" to be allowed access to this forum....moderators included.
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    Thank you, Andrea

    Thank you, Andrea

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