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    Thumbs up Length of allowed stay in Aruba

    I am not an expert on Aruba, but is researching like crazy (since I bought a house there and plan to go ALOT for a long time)
    One thing that seems to confuse everyone is how long you are allowed to stay.
    The confusing seems to be coming from the FAQ on the Casbon site, which states "Visitors to Aruba need proof of identity and are allowed to stay up to 14 days. For citizens from countries like the United States and Canada, whose country has a visa abolition agreement with the Netherlands, the length of stay may be up to three months. Citizens of the Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles may stay on Aruba up to six months. "
    Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I can see on this PDF from the Immigration Department of Aruba, All visitors from US, Canadian and EU can stay up to 180 days !!!! a year without applying for an extension.


    I could be misunderstanding something, but to me it looks like the good people of Casbon got it wrong or missed the changes of 2006.
    Please let me know if you disagree.
    If not it is great
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    The Casbon site is the same as when we bought our house 3 years ago. I know you can stay for 90 days, & heard that the Aruba gov. was extending that to 180 days for home owners. Hopefully that passed & is what is in the link you provided (I can't open it on my computer).

    We have been making 2 trips a year for 7-8 weeks since we purchased our house.
    Tom & Karen

    Next Trip: Jan. 6 - April 7

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    Countries allowed to visit Aruba for up to 180 days

    Nationals of the countries mentioned in list A are allowed to visit Aruba as a tourist for up to 180 days, provided all aforementioned requirements were met. The total number of days per year cannot exceed 180 days.

    List A:

    U.S.A...Canada...United Kingdom"

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    Thanks, great info to know...while we are on this subject.What if i want to start a small business?just for conversation,say i want to own a Tiki Bar,small one, just drinks and lunch menu.Is it possible?or renting out certain type of vehicles to get around the desert part of the island..What im asking is it at all possible? Thanks, lots of info on this site have a great day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by islander2b View Post
    What im asking is it at all possible? Thanks, lots of info on this site have a great day...
    "Permits to Establish a Business:
    As an Aruban you do not need a permit to establish a business in Aruba, when it concerns a sole proprietorship. You still need to register your business in the Commercial Register at the Chamber. If you are not an Aruban born Dutch national, you always need a permit to establish a business. Whether you will receive a permit depends on what sort of business you intend to start. The main criteria are if the business provides enlargement of the economic basis and if it is capital intensive."
    See details regarding "authorized capital" or "so-called minimum issued capital."


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