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    Local Produce to be sold June 25

    "farmers style market" click link and read.

    can aruba sustain a:
    citrus crop?

    i have no idea what kind of crops can or cannot be grown there.

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    My neighbors ahve a banana tree with fruit on it, they have limes, watermelon, maingos, and papias. One neighbor did try tomatoes but I did not hear if he got any. I am guessing that if you can get the soil right ( use poop and turf builder) and keep the bunnies away, you could grow just about anything. . . . .

    Tom and Stanley

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    One of my neighbours has a cashew tree with lots of fruit/nuts on it.

    Coconuts, of course also grow here. I have also heard that there is now lots of local vegetables in the stores but other than mushrooms, I haven't seen any.

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    Some of the people that work at the Occidental grow peppers in their yards.

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    Ummm, yes, anything can be grown in Aruba. If you add what is needed to the soil, just like in th USA, you can grow anything. I believe that more people in Aruba are realizing this and more and more produce, fruits are being cultivated. This is a great thing as if more of this is grown on the island and less needs to be imported, this very well might drive the prices down which will benefit for all. Lets hope that this is a long lasting trend and the locals realize this and go for it!!!! There are a ton of fruits and veggies that thrive in the conditions of the island with a little love and tenderness. It can be done and I hope it will be. Just my opinion. Also, with the change in weather conditions, Auba is not as dry as it once was, ha ha ha, I know we all hate when it rains there when we are on vacation, but, usually not a total washout. This rain is greatly appreciated. I don't know about anyone else but on my 1 month stay in May, I did notice that plants, trees, anything living outdoors looked a lot more green and healthier. This is a good thing, I'm sure most of you would agree. A once very dry island is now becomming a not so dry but not so wet as well but very benefitial to the island. I say, the wetness is a blessing and will benefit everyone.

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