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    Cool looking for week long rental for kayaks and beach chairs??

    for Sept 2013... To complete our trip and make it even better than the first we are looking to rent a Jeep that we could strap kayaks to and go off on our own beach excursions. We are both avid boaters from Long Island who have our own kayaks as well as a powerboat...we are both water safe people...we just need a place that is willing to rent them out longer term...or a local that is willing to rent them for the week personally. Any help??? Thank you
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    Madame Janettes, Rumba's, Driftwood, El Goucho, Marina Parata all for dining. So many places. I love the shopping in town as well as shopping by the Highrises. I go in & out of all the hotels.
    Some places have them for nothing if you are a guest such as the costa Linda. Check with where you are staying.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    For kayak rental long term, I would inquire with Aruba Watersports. They rent chaise lounges as well, though I do not know if they would rent either long term. It does not cost anything to ask.

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    I heard that the Marriot rents kayaks for the day. I'm not positive on this but I will be in Aruba at the end of Sept beginning of Oct 2013 and plan on calling them when I get there to see if they rent out to the public. If you are there before and find out let me know. I couldn't find anyway to email directly to the Marriot in Aruba. They have a phone number on their site but didn't figure it was worth an international call.

    I got the information about the Marriot from Red Sail Sports. They had sent me a response when I was emailing around. They said $16.00 for a single and $22.00 for a double for the day. I think that seems pretty reasonable and hope that I will be able to rent from them.
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