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Thread: MasterCard/DebitCards

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    I just received a rewards card from my bank .(200$) Here we would use it as a regular debit card, with no pin required. It looks like a regular mastercard debit. On the back side it says used wherever MasterCard debit cards are excepted. I was wondering if I would be able to use it while in Aruba?

    Otherwise I will begin to spend it on all those little things that I need to pack, as those things always add up.

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    Shouldn't be a problem..... nice reward! I've used credit, debit and debit reward cards at restaurants that take MC, Visa, AMEX and Discover.

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    You may want to call the customer service # on back of card to ask. As with regular credit cards we always make sure to call to inform our cc company we will be in Aruba and the dates so there are no issues. Learned this the hard way years ago could not use my card at Carlos and Charlies so calling in advance will avoid any problems.

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    I just called my credit card companies about charges. I know we'll need deposits for the wedding plans. Amex charges 2.7% regardless. Visa charges 3% if its put in florins but if they run it through in US dollars, there is no transaction fee. So i am checking with the people we'll need to leave a deposit with so i know whether to bring cash or charge it. I never realized it because i don't use credit cards on vacation except for the car rental.

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    always be very careful, in Aruba about 3 years ago someone jacked my cc info and went on a spending spree

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