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Thread: May evening weather

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    As Andrea said, for a woman bring shorts, maybe lightweight capris, sundresses and a sweater (for the casinos). My husband bought jeans the first year and never again. He just wears khaki type shorts. Each year I go, I bring more lightweight things. Its always hard the first year you go someplace new. but after this first trip, you'll know exactly what to bring for your next time there (and trust me, there will DEFINITELY be a next time). You kind of get sucked into Aruba. Once you go, it becomes your yearly trip. The weather is perfect 99.9% of the time. There is always that fluke day or afternoon or perhaps hour where it may not be but that is about it. And each year we stay a bit longer than the year before, lol. Enjoy, you'll be back..

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    It's simple. The weather is great so dress for warm days and evenings when outside. Yes it may be a bit cooler inside shops and restaurants and casinos, but outside it's almost always pleasant. My rule: "take twice the money and half the clothes you think you'll need" and you will make out just fine. As Gaby said, on your next trip you will be able to fine tune your packing list to suit just you. And yes, you will go back to Aruba.

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    We travel to Aruba at the end of May every year. I have never worn jeans except on the flight down but I too am a northerner. I wear a little hoodie sweatshirt but on the plane to stay warm. I do bring a very lightweight 3/4 length hoodie but seldom wear it except in the condo. I always have shorts and bathing suit on through out the day/evening. Many restaurants you can set outside and then very little is needed to keep warm. The beauty of Aruba is as someone stated above; summer everyday!

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