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    Meeting for a quick hello

    A friend of mine will be arriving via cruise ship on the day we leave Aruba. We want to meet up, at least to say hi. They are planning on spending their time at Eagle Beach and we will be at Divi Dutch Village.
    Our flight leaves at 1:50 (so we need to be to the airport at 10:50) and their ship comes in at 9 (?how long it takes to get off ship etc).
    This won't leave us much time so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where we could meet that would be easy for all of us (with cabs, ease of visiting, etc.)?

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    The last time we cruised with a stop in Aruba on Celebrity Cruise Lines, we were one of the first people off the ship.

    But time getting off off the ship varies by cruise line. Usually those who have booked shore excursions through the cruise line have preferential treatment in debarking first. Some lines give prefential treatment to their "frequent" cruisers. Those traveling independently sometimes have to wait.

    For a meeting place on Eagle Beach perhaps the beach bar at the Amsterdam Manor or have them stop by the Dutch Village on their way to the beach.

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