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Thread: Mi Dushi Sail and Snorkel

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    Any beach!!
    So fortunate that they found it. Hopefully they'll have it home and in good shape soon!

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    Great news!

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    As I'm sure many of you are aware, the boat we're talking about here isn't the wonderful classic sailing ship we've all been on many times.
    The new Mi Dushi sort of resembles the old Tattoo, outside of the fact that there isn't a slide, it is indeed wind powered, it's big, but it's not the big old beautiful boat you're likely thinking of. Somehow, I don't think the locals (the less than nice ones, that is) would have that much disrespect to cut loose a lovely vessel like that, however, the new one looks pretty spiffy and modern, which would be more likely a target, especially if the instigators were looking to hijack it, so to speak.
    With any luck, the original ship will be in service again soon... for now, here's the new one.
    Mi Dushi   Sail and Snorkel-midushi2.jpg
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    I was going to suggest to hire the submarine to search the boat, but glad they found it. I hope it was insured too.

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