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Thread: Mosquitoes

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    Bug bites

    Quote Originally Posted by mjn109 View Post
    i am updating my husband ffgoo's earlier post. I was visciously attacked by mosquitos this past wednesday while dining at pam pam. I am still itching them and i came home to connecticut yesterday. As far as i know, my whole family was bitten some that night. So, please if you are going to be anywhere outside at night, take a nice shower in bug spray. Oh, and we learned that i am allergic to the massage oils used at the spa at my hotel (at least that is what we think it is) so i am itching like crazy right now!! Bug bites on my feet & ankles and a rash all over my body, so not attractive and making me nuts!

    hi on one of my trips to aruba i got a little to much sun and had tiny little bumps all over my body soooo itchy. I finally went to the doctor and he put me on some pills that took a day to work and i felt like new. He advised me it was sun poison . Also try benadryl
    that might help. Hope ypu fell better soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheri T View Post
    Ok, was really curious about this now. According to American Airlines, this is what they had posted:Personal Care Items
    Aerosol deodorant/hair spray/insect repellent, perfume/cologne containing alcohol, nail polish
    Only travel size toiletries (3-ounce containers or smaller) may be brought through the security checkpoint/on board the aircraft. These items must be in a clear, plastic, one-quart zip-top bag. See carry-on updates for more information.
    Items in checked baggage are limited to a total of no more than 70 ounces per passenger. Contents of each container may not exceed 16 fluid ounces

    Hope this helps alittle. I would check your airline to be sure.
    Interesting that it would be 70oz......weve been going for years and I pack bottles of balsamic vinegar, olive oil as well as large bottles of tanning lotion, body lotion, aloe vera gel and just about any thing else I can think of and have never been stopped for being over the limit....

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    I have heard that a Eucalyptus Tree keeps those bugs away?

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    Regarding the 70 oz, last year we took one checked for the four of us for liquids and extras. I had several bottles of spray on sunscreen , besides other items. The bag had a big yellow sticker marked SUSPICIOUS (or something to that affect) on it when I picked it up. It wasn't until later that I figured out that it must have been due to all the liquids. This year, there'll be six of us, and now I'm thinking I should send at least a couple of checked bags to handle the liquids I want to take.
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    Also I read that these products are good
    And Avons "Skin so soft" seems to work.
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    These plants they say keeps those mosquitos away
    Lemon and citronella grass
    Basil Plant

    The mosquito plant, also known as the citronella plant, is a cultivar of geranium that can be grown as an annual or perennial. It is believed to repel mosquitoes because the leaves contain oils similar to those of citronella grass, which is used in commercial mosquito repellants. Mosquito plants can grow up to three feet in height and bloom in the spring and summer. The flowers produce a pleasing aroma and can be pink or violet in color. Mosquito plants can be easily grown in most climates, but require special winter care to be grown as a perennial.

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    I never knew there was a limit on liquids in your checked luggage! (Aside from alcohol limitations) Learned something new today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnysmiles View Post
    Do you know how hard it is to find bug spray in the dead of winter? LOL I think we're going to wait it out and if we need it we'll buy it in Aruba.
    I found it at Stop and Shop!

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