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    My experience (albeit limited, since I've been to 3 casinos in aruba) is that I like the casablanca casino in the Westin. I think I spent about 20 gambling hours there last week. Happy balance of Slot machines (that are modern) such as Red,White & Blue Big times pay, Diamond Stars, Double Strike, Super Jackpot Party etc. and Table games. There is 3 blackjack tables (2 lower stakes, $5, $10, 1 $25) they all hit soft 17 and I believe they use 6 decks, 2 Roulette tables ($5), 1 craps table ($5 with 5X odds available), 1 3 card poker, 1 carib stud. Just like the other casinos, sometimes its quiet and you have the BJ/Roulette/Craps table all to yourself, sometimes its busy. Decent about of smokers there though, (nonsmoker myself) but all the casinos in aruba are fairly smoky when they are busy.
    As for the people, the cashiers people were always pleasant, the guys walking around offering drinks were friendly and frequent, and as always, the dealers are hit & miss. Some of them really like their jobs, some don't, and it usually shows in their body language. (But thats true about all people in any job)
    Anyhow, hope that helps.

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    Thanks Shawn and great report! I like hearing about these places... and peoples experiences.

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