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Thread: Mother daughter trip in August

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    Mother daughter trip in August


    I've been reading all the posts in this forum for the past few weeks and am getting more and more excited about going on our trip.

    I went to Aruba for the first time back in 2002 with my husband and a few other couples. We stayed at the Divi Divi and had a great time. I realized way back then that going all inclusive wasn't really for us because we kept on wanting to leave the resort and try different restaurants. This trip it's going to be just me and my 24 year old daughter. I've booked the Radisson since it seems to be in the middle of all the high rise hotels and walking distance to many great restaurants. I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer for me.

    Is it really safe to take the public transportation/bus? If so are the bus stops near the Radisson? Do they stop near or at grocery stores if we wanted to pick up anything for our room? Are taxi's easy to catch near the Radisson; meaning are they waiting around for their next fare or do you need to call a number to schedule a pick up.

    Also, if we were to buy beer to have in our room do they allow the guests to drink it on the beach? I was thinking of bringing a soft sided cooler that folds up nicely in a suitcase.

    We're thinking of taking a nice catamaran/snorkel excursion; can anyone recommend one or tell me one to avoid?

    Any suggestions on places we should check out at night for a lively fun place for drinks? Not necessarily a night club but a fun place to listen to music and people watch.

    Any suggestions would be great to hear.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any beach!!
    Welcome to the forum! We stay mostly at the Divi AI but have stayed at the Radisson. It is a beautiful property and close to everything. Plenty of restaurants in walking distance. The buses are perfectly safe. I would have no problem traveling alone on the bus. Sorry but I'm not sure of exact location of the bus stop but would assume it's close to the front of the resort. I'm sure someone else will report. Across from the Radisson is Arawak Gardens there are some nice restaurants. Generally there is music and it's a nice spot to people watch. I did see people on the beach with coolers do it shouldn't be an issue. Bugaloe is on the beach right by the Radisson and is a popular place for drinks and entertainment.

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    Welcome to the forum... you are going to learn so much from everyone...

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    Welcome to the forum..... you chose a great property. It's convenient to everything and a great place to stay.

    You'll always find a taxi at the front entrance. You might have to wait a few minutes... but it will be there. I think you'd have to call for one in the middle of the night!

    Bus stop really close by. Busses, taxis and walking are all generally safe.

    Bugaloe on the pier at the Radisson would be my first choice for lively fun drinks at night. Sopranos across the street in Arawak Gardens is another good place.

    No problems with your own drinks on the beach.

    Have a wonderful visit!

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    Aruba since 1979
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    welcome to the

    check out above link for the Tranquilo snorkel sail! (sorry this is not a catamaran, but awesome nonetheless)


    check out (Jolly Pirate, DePalm, Aruba Watersports, Unique, Red Sail)

    the Bugaloe beach Bar on the beach at the Radisson will be hopping! Enjoy music, salsa dancing and karaoke there.

    taxis = easy
    buses= easy and yes the bus system is safe

    superfood by taxi to buy beer!

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    We also enjoy the live music outside at the Hard Rock Cafe, directly across the street from the Radisson.
    I am pretty sure there is a bus stop close to the bottom of the main driveway, facing the street it is over the left, close enough that you will see it right there.

    What you save on beer by going to the grocery store, makes up for the cost of the taxi ride. Its definitely worth it to go and pick up drinks and snacks.

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    We always ask our taxi driver at the airport if he/she could stop at Lings on our way to our resort so we can pick up beer. Every driver has stopped for us with no problem. Some have charged us 5$ for this but the one we had this year did not. We just tipped him extra for his troubles. Beer is not cheap but way cheaper than the bars!

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    Sounds like a super fun trip.

    Our daughters are 22 & 23 and love Aruba. Don't know that Will get to Aruba alone with them...... Why you ask.... DH loves it too much to.

    shopping is fun downtown, lots of upscale shops, on the water Tranquilo sail or Black a Pearl are nice boats, Renaissance Island has an incredible spa package on their private island....
    very excited to hear your report.

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    Hi & welcome to the Community Forum

    It is completely safe to use the public transportation system to get around. If there isn't a taxi waiting, the front desk staff are always more than willing to call for you.

    I encourage bringing a soft sided cooler! Great for snacks & picnic lunches too! Anything to help me stay on the beach longer

    Tranquilo & Black Pearl are really nice relaxing sails, Jolly Pirates is a little louder & party atmosphere with a rope swing

    Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to listen to some live music & people watch

    Enjoy your time with your daughter!! When are you going?
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Thank you all for responding to quickly. It's great to know that both taxi's and buses are right outside of the hotel. I'll without a doubt be going to a grocery store to pick up a few snacks and some beer for the room and beach.

    Up next on my list to do is to narrow down all of the great restaurants I've read about on here. We were thinking of trying Madame Janette, El Gaucho and Quinta Del Carmen. We want a nice meal but not necessarily a fine dining experience and of course we're trying to not go to a place that's intimate, quiet, dark and romantic! :-)

    Jacki- We arrive on 08/20 and it can't get here soon enough. 13 more weeks to go!

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