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    my aruba experience

    Before i left for aruba, i treated my self to a Kindle 2 electronic book so i did not have to lug around 5-6 books to read while lying in the sun. I really enjoyed this, it was quite a treat in this economy with book downloads about 500 dollars. Can you imagine me going through customs to realize i had left in charging in the hotel!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked!!!!!!!!!!!With the help of security at the airport and the staff at the Aruban hotel, my kindle was to me at the airport in 45 minutes.I am thrilled!!!This is aruba at its best. Good hard working people that will do any thing for their tourists. I hear these stories over and over when on vacation there, but they take a whike new meaning on when i'm telling it. I think i am still in shock over haw licky i was. I should not be surprised, this is why or 1 reason why i LOVE ARUBA

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    Great Story

    It is always nice to hear stories that have a nice ending. And, it is impressive how far the people of Aruba will go. Nice story!

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    I agree..nice story with happy ending...

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    Glad you got your Kindle 2 back. Wish my Kindle 1 worked. Used it for 6 weeks and now I can't get it to work.

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    Glad it ended well.

    As for the Kindle! - I am growing white hair everyday ....waiting and waiting for Amazon to bring down the price of kindle.

    Am I dreaming, will it ever happen? Is it worth the wait?

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    heads up. hearst (the publishing empire) is expected to release a e-reader sometime this fall that is supposedely leaps and bounds ahead of the kindle. rumor has it that it will be made out of a thin polymer than can be rolled up into a parchment! or at the very least, it will be much thinner, bigger screen, and versatile than the kindle.

    Given the evolving state of the technology, the Hearst reader is likely to debut in black and white and later transition to high-resolution color with the option for video as those displays, now in testing phases, get commercialized. Downloading content from participating newspapers and magazines will occur wirelessly. For durability, the device is likely to have a flexible core, perhaps even foldable, rather than the brittle glass substrates used in readers on the market today.

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    I too love the Kindle but it's too pricey for me. It's really a work
    of great technology!!

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    I Love My Kindle!!!! With the amount of books I buy - I've purchased close to 200 already for my Kindle - I've actually paid for it with the cost saving of the books. I like that it is part of Amazon as they are good about getting the latest books on Kindle. As to it not working - try plugging it in to charge and turning it on and off. I panicked when mine didn't seem to be working but that fixed it I also have an extra battery with me (I'm in Aruba) just in case. Glad to hear it was returned!

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