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Thread: My Aruba Hat!

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    My Aruba Hat!

    I put on my favorite Aruba hat today, the yellow one that I got at the Radisson Casino years ago. I went out the door thinking for a minute I might walk down to Palm Beach. But, NO, I had to go out to my yard and rake leaves!

    Some days just aren't what they are meant to be!

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    CP -as my husband loves to remind me - "With no work there is no Play"....or money to go on vacation to Aruba I wore my Aruba rings yesterday and one of my Aruba sweatshirts - hoping they would be be luck playing Keno for more vacation moola, but didn't happen Still have a couple more Saturday's to try. Hang in there with the rest of us who right now are living thru Andrea and Paul's trip reports.

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