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    Smile Neccessities

    I was just going over the things we all bring with us to Aruba and thought it might be nice to combine them so we could have a list of some of the best ideas.Here are some of the highlights...feel free to add on and then maybe we can put them together and print them out.( I know there is a checklist avail. on the forum, this is just those wish I had things....)

    1.collapsable cooler !!
    2. Xtra sunglasses and prescription glasses
    3. all ranges of tanning lotions
    4. Walmart rafts or tubes-can be left with someone just checking in
    5. Large insulated sippy cups with straws.
    6. Jello and plastic 1 oz. cups for jello shots....(my favorite idea)
    7. variety of spices for cooking---too expensive to buy on the island.
    8. zippy bags in various sizes
    9. noodles--the kind you buy at the dollar tree for floating on
    10. meds--benadryl, lomotil, pepcid, tums, tylenol, zrytec or claratin, moisture eye
    drops (wind is a killer on the eyes)
    11. scrunchies for your hair and/or do-rags to keep hair from becoming a rats
    12. superglue----nails, of course
    13. laminated map of island--forgot where I got appreciated.
    14. waterproof cameras---lots
    ....any thing I've forgotten ???

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    Call your credit card company to let them know dates you are in Aruba (if you plan on unsing it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by danadog56 View Post
    13. laminated map of island--forgot where I got appreciated.
    We found our copy of the laminated map at the Atlantis Adventure Center from where the submarine tour departs downtown. I'm sure you can find it elsewhere on the island, but I grabbed it when I saw it. Best Aruba map by far!

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