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    New Runways Finished

    ORANJESTAD – The project for safer runways of the Reina Beatrix airport is officially complete. The runways are now 60 meters longer and better illuminated. The total cost of this project called Runway End Safety Area & Safety Approach Lighting System is more than 13 million florins. Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) started with this project in November of 2007. “The most important objective was extending the runways, so that extra safety zones are created. These safety zones are for aircrafts that have trouble during take off and landing”, said Peter Steinmetz, director of AAA.
    The total available length of the runway is now 2814 meters; the illumination of the runway is also improved. The Schiphol group and Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO) have assisted AAA with advice during the project.
    With this project rounded off, our airport meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”, says Edison Briezen, minister of Tourism and Transport.
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    Eagle boy, you always have the best info....Ren marketplace to be redone, Bringing a dog, now this, thanks.....stuff like this is great to know. cindy

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    The runways of Reina Beatrix airport is now almost 3000 meters long.

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    More runway is always better, and never too much fuel unless you're on fire. Aviation words of wisdom.
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