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    The pool @ Gold Coast Aruba, Holiday Inn Casino, Arashi Beach, Sunset @ California Lighthouse, Baby Beach, Our friends hotels/timeshares when they are on the Island at the same time as us

    New Year's -- 2012 - 2013

    I know it's only May... But I am very excited that we booked our airfare for 12/29/12 - 1/5/13. We missed last year's trip due to the Thanksgiving week addition to our family (Baby Mia). But the 3 of us will be making it down this year (although our trip is only 8 days rather than the traditional 12)!!!!

    As we get closer - if anyone has the New Year's menus / info on the weeks activities, fireworks, etc. Please post here.

    The only thing I have planned right now is our champagne toast at the California lighthouse at sunset on 12/31. We did that from 2008 - 2011 and look forward to being up there for 2013!
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
    Aruba New Years 2017-18 12/28/17 - 1/3/18 (18th Trip)

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    I too am looking for Menus as well as activity calendars. I know there always is the fireworks at the marriots. does anyone know how to get tickets or reservations this early?

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    Check out this site, just about every place is here with menus. Be sure to make a resevation around holiday time. Also ask about their holiday meals, many places will have only a fixed menu. Do not wait cause I hear places are filling up

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    good for you, enjoy.

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    Does anyone know if the fireworks at Ling and Sons will happen this year given the fct that Lings has been sold?

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    Fireworks are sold by the store, and allover the Island...Deeped you go, less expensive it gets...We usually spend $300-400 on fireworks, and dispay them at La Cabana, and PBV, at the Beach area...Hopefully- this year, tradition will continue.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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