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Thread: Newsstands

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    Does anyone know the locations of newsstands where you can buy US national newspapers and magazines?

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    i asked my husband as he is an avid WSJ and NYT and USA today reader.
    He tells me that he has looked a various groceries and occasionally finds a USA today.
    He said he has given up on looking as it is a waste of his time and he reads them online when in aruba.
    Here in Fla, he still wants the paper and ink on his hands!

    I hope someone knows where.

    Years ago the Holiday Inn and Aruba Grand gave out copies of USA Today to their guests.

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    I think they avoid bringing those publications to the island so that those who go to relax and forget about home and such, can do just that.
    That is, after all, why we go there, isn't it?
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