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Thread: Night Time

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    Night Time

    Is it safe to swim (ie: wade) into the ocean at night? Can you walk the beaches at night? I am asking because in Cancun they would not let you do it.


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    Catashi, thats were our rented bungalow is. Our fav beach is Rogersbeach. Our favorite hangout, the Cigar Lounge of Ruben de Lange.
    We took a swim in the dark at Eagle Beach right after sun set and stayed until it was completly dark, but we were with our Aruban friends. It's a great experience when it's dark, you can see all the lights from the high rise hotels. Mind you there are not a lot of people on the beach at night so I would not try it alone.

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    its safe

    its nice to swim at night but it is always better to stay close to shore

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    Just be very careful and make sure you are with someone (a man) if you are wandering the beach. A few years ago a female friend of mine decided to wander the beach alone late night without any of us knowing after too many cocktails at Moomba, and was followed back to the Surf Club and then assaulted. Fortunately she screamed and struggled and was close enough to the building that the guy ran away, so nothing serious happened. The police came and attempted to find the man, but of course he was long gone...

    The point is...Aruba is VERY safe in my opinion...but it's not unlike anywhere else in the US or the world. Just be very careful and smart and you will be fine, and approach being out in the evening as you would normally at home. I'm guessing you weren't talking about very late night jaunts like this anyways, but nonetheless...

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