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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnauzerjoy View Post
    Well sorry to say that you guys have misunderstood. It is not Nikki Beach, the chain with multiple locations. It is Nikky Beach, which is owned by Dutch people and this is their first and only location.
    But it is still a very cool place they are building there.
    I'm surprised they're able to use the name by just changing one letter of the name (trademark infringement) since it's a very popular beach club with alot of locations. Did they strike a deal to be able to use the name? Because between the name and the looks of the place it looks very similar (in looks and concept) to the one in Miami Beach.
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    Well, copyright and trademarks laws are different from country to country.
    Even a patent can be limited to certain countries.
    They could not have done this in the US and probably not in Europe (depending on the protection that Nikki Beach have taken out).
    Like said before it is a really cool place, but I am sure that the brand similarities are not coincidental .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnauzerjoy View Post
    And regarding the palapas it seems like it is a big "bust" by the DOW.
    It is all the "structures" on the beach that they want to remove. The umbrellas and the lounge beds too. Also the big pirate ship (from Morgans) that they placed there for the kids to play on.
    It will be interesting to follow, because it is a direct action to the law that you cannot place palapas and other permanent features on the beaches (which are all public) and claim them to be private.
    So now we will see if they will back down at their demands towards Nikky or follow through along the other beaches.
    It will be very interesting to see what happens...

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