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Thread: observations..... random thoughts.

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    observations..... random thoughts.

    Some observations during this our most recent trip:

    The wind...........due to some wacky weather in the atmosphere.....winds were whipping....for the past 3 weeks!
    However we did notice that our last 2 days, the winds returned to being more normal.

    The roads.....some much needed patching seems to have been done, and some more patching is needed. The roundabouts IMO are wonderful and create a better flow that having the traffic lights in those spots.

    The crowds....seems to me that May really is a slower month and is a great time to be in Aruba.

    The weather....never disappoints. However, the island is very very dry. Rain is needed badly.

    Casinos...I wish they would implement some non smoking slot rooms.

    Super Food..... has a terrific bakery, and i continue to complain...their parking lot is problematic. Driver need to be very careful in that parking lot.
    Super Food customers crossing the 1A and 1B to gt over to the Trop and to is treacherous. Please be careful.

    The Royal Cabana Casino is now almost razed!!

    The old Duty free area/container port buildings are almost totally razed.

    The about razing that building, and cleaning the area and creating a nice large lagoon for a cruise passenger destination beach, relieving some of the crowds from Palm beach ? It'll take lots of $$ and many engineering miracles to clean and work with the current of that channel.

    The Baracadera Cargo Port is looking AWESOME!!

    Why do people litter the beach with their smoking materials?

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    Thanks for the great observations! I am hoping and praying I get to visit 2x next year, our normal November and May as well (20th wedding anniversary) so it is nice to know it will be quiet if we are so lucky. I agree with the non-smoking in casinos that is one of the reasons I do not linger too long (at least it drives me out before I spend more) lol....I wasn't sure about the roundabouts at first but now think it may be better to slow those speeders down a bit. Glad you made it home safely and hope your ear is doing much better.

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    Thanks for all the observations. In my mind, I'm walking through all the locations you mentioned.

    Regarding the weather: it's interesting that the wind was so strong during the past three weeks. I don't know if it has any effect on our weather here in Texas but for the past three weeks we had unusual amounts of rain, almost daily, at times large thunderstorms and the rain came really pouring down, causing floods in many areas. And in the northern part, dangerous tornadoes.

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    "The about razing that building, and cleaning the area and creating a nice large lagoon for a cruise passenger destination beach, relieving some of the crowds from Palm beach ? It'll take lots of $$ and many engineering miracles to clean and work with the current of that channel."

    Great observations.... and this would be a great choice of a close in place for cruise passengers.

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    Any beach!!
    We felt it was definitely windier than prior times when we were there in May. I did appreciate that it didn't seem as humid either. The waves kind of got me this trip because it was difficult to get into the water and I ended up at the pool most afternoons. This trip I did notice that the Divi had more staff out on the beach cleaning up smoking materials, as well as glasses that were left by those who were too lazy to walk 3 steps to dispose of them. They also had that huge raking machine cleaning every other day. The resort itself was quieter than I've seen it in awhile with palapas open sometimes all day.

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    These random observations make me so excited to see everything in a few months!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Andrea.... Once my kids go to college, I think May will end up being our choice of time for the summer. We normally go in early to mid June and stay for 2 weeks but business in June is crazy right now so we pushed to late July though Mid August. I'm sure Palm Beach will be crazy.

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    Hey Mark, You think June is crazy, it doesn't even compare to mid July and Aug. I see you meant buissness at home is CRAZY in June. Those 2 months are the CRAZY months in Aruba. The first 3 weeks in June are slow!!!
    Maybe I can bump into you this time since I will be there.
    Snorkel Mangel Halto, day or night with a waterscooter. Check out our website. E-mail Stuart at or call Stuart local: 745-7459 Or visit: 50th trip Dec 11, 2017

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    Nice Kent! Maybe we'll finally book something with you!

    I figured July and August would be a nightmare. I was there this past Christmas so anything is less busy than that time. C-R-A-Z-Y!! I'm also assuming that Eagle will be fairly slow for the first week we are there but then moving to the Surf Club! Forget about quiet. It will be crazy there. I'll just move down in front of the Ritz. They have awesome water there. I'll let the sardines hang out in the water in front of the Surf Club!

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