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Thread: An old topic, a new article Tipping housekeeping staff

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    Last time we left $$'s and a nice pyramid of florins that we did not want to bring back.

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    We tip everyday. Leave $$$ out on counter . When we ask for extra towels etc we don't feel guilty then. They work hard!
    at the end of our stay we pkg up any food items etc that they could take home with a note. We leave sugar, coffee, soda, whatever we have that hasn't been touched .

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    I not only tip our maid well, also regulars at her home... lol
    always keep in mind that waiter, bartender, housekeeper are the king and queens
    of their families, appreciate the difficult job and most important respect them!! WE DO...

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    We always tip $5 per day we tell the housekeeper to find her envelope (I decorate each one differently with decals/stamps like xmas stuff /snowmen etc.) We usually leave it somewhere she will find it easily and at the end of the week we give extra$$$$ They do a great job and have long work days.

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