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Thread: One of my Favorite Things About Aruba

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    ahhhh but you have made so many friends here and thru your podcasts
    (which by the way are awesome)

    Quote Originally Posted by burghboy View Post
    I miss out on all of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    I just got an email from a couple that goes to Aruba the same time we go. We met them on the beach about 5 years ago, they shared our palapa. Since then we meet up with them every trip. I love that there are so many repeat visitors going the same time. They just emailed me when they'll be arriving. I said we'll meet you on the beach on Sunday, lol. We also see some of the same people either at the casino or the beach. Its so nice. They use to arrive our second week and leave the week after us but the last couple of years, they've been arriving the same time we do. It reminds me of that old movie (I know, I am dating myself) but does anyone remember that movie "Same Time, Next Year" with Ellen Burstyn & Alan Alda? Just one more thing I Love about Aruba.....
    I remember the movie but it took place in the bedroom, not the beach. LOL.

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    Yes, I know it took place at a cabin. I meant the title, lol.

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    We have about (10) couples from all different states at the Divi Village that sit around the same side of the pool, they are like my extendad family we have been friends since 2000 and I can't wait to see them. We do keep in touch during the year but it is so good to see them for the 2 weeks that we are there.
    Next Aruba trip in

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    I feel ya burghboy. I have friends that have fixed weeks at Costa Linda. They are always talking about the people they met there and look forward to seeing each year.

    This past April was our first experience staying at a TS; we usually stayed at non-TS properties and after many years of going to the island and calling it a 2nd home, I felt a little bit like an outsider. There were soooo many people who were obviously owners that knew each other from seeing them each year that gathered together on the beach in large groups. I tried saying good-morning or hello to a few, but they weren't interested in a conversation with a "renter". It's just an observation and didn't bother me as I was there for my 25th anniversary with hubby and we were enjoying each other's company without kids, jobs, housework...

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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