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Thread: Is One Week In Aruba Enough?

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    If I could only do 2 weeks total I'd split them into 7 day stints. If you are simply asking would a 14 day trip to paradise be better than a 7 day trip, the magic 8 ball says you're darn right it is.

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    Two weeks is better than one. You have a chance to wind down and really relax and more time to enjoy the island. I'd take them together so I don't have to deal with the travel and the expense. Also, two trips means more time lost to travel.

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    we started with 9 days, then two weeks, two weeks, 16 days, this trip its 18 days. As Andy said, you really get a chance to wind down and relax.

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    I'm with Gaby... We just keep increasing. Our summer trip is now 16 days. The fall trip with no adults is 8 days and the Christmas/New Years trip is 10 days.

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    We take a 14 to 16 day trip once a year. It would be nice to go more than once a year, but since we can't, we stretch it out as long as possible. The first time we went for just a week and it wasn't nearly enough time to really relax. With a one week trip really only being 5 days after two days being partially lost to travel, one long trip works the best for us. This year 2 nights at the Holiday Inn then 14 nights at Surf Club.

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    We try to go for two weeks, three times a year. It takes me a LONG time to unwind so fourteen days is the minimum - you essentially lose a day on each end traveling from Canada. The tough part is not having any time off between April and October as we save all vacation for the winter to escape the cold madness.

    We're also debating taking a month at some point - maybe February.

    We used to do three to four week trips to Europe: a cruise in the middle of the trip plus a stay in one of the cities before and after and those were the only trips where I'd feel completely relaxed by the end and ready to return to the office.

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    Two weeks without a doubt! The airfare is the same so we might as well stay! We did one week for our first 2 trips. It was just not enough for me. I would lose the last full day being so sad about having to leave. Now we go for 2 weeks

    When the kids are older we plan to add more time Not sure if that will be dividing into different times of the year, or just extended stay.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We spent a week there for our first time. Wasn't ready and didn't want to go home.
    Next time if possible I do two weeks or even longer.

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    I always bite my tongue when folks post something like......"we are going to Aruba for a long weekend OR we are going to Aruba for 5 days"
    I really want to say NO, not enough even for a bare bones basic visit. But, i do not know their circumstances etc...
    Maybe that's all the time that they have. Or all that is affordable.

    So, I bite my tongue. (harness my tryping fingers)

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    We started out going one week a year. Next we went for two seperate one week periods. After that is was a one week trip and a two week trip. This year we're going for two weeks and then eighteen days. We hope to eventually go for three to four months straight. So by now I hope you're understanding the perspective. There is never enough time in Aruba!!!

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