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Thread: Operation Cunucu (spay/neuter clinic for strays) needs help

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    Operation Cunucu (spay/neuter clinic for strays) needs help

    Animal Balance is coming to Aruba April 26-30 2016 to hold a MASH (Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital) spay neuter clinic and sterilize up to 500 dogs!!!!!! A large part of the campaign will be to sterilize the street dogs. A trapping team will train local volunteers to capture dogs with catch cages and slip leads. The animals will be treated for parasites/fleas/ticks, vaccinated, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, treat any lesions, and tattooed on their ear to identify sterilization. We will propose that sterilized dogs found in the killpen be returned to the owner or set free.

    Animal Balance will help to educate and promote awareness in the communities and schools. We invite all Aruba rescue groups and locals to rally together with us to make this clinic a huge success and begin to make a difference for the animals of Aruba!! In addition, Animal Balance veterinarians will invite our local vets to learn the abbreviated spay/neuter technique that requires less meds, supplies and is less invasive. The result is a smaller incision, less handling of tissue which means less chance of post op complications and pain.

    This week we need help building crates for the stray animals. This involves taking apart wood pallets & building them into crates using the wood & chicken wire. If anyone is willing to take a few hours to volunteer, please call 746-7829. The location is Parkietenbos 46, at Barcadera beach, next to Atco Concrete. Thank you!
    Mindy from Kansas City
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    Awesome Mindy!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Wish I was in Aruba during this time. I be there every day.

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    Same! I would love to be there and help out. Good luck Operation Cunucu!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    This is going to be an awesome event! The sterilization of 500 dogs is significant but even more so the training and education that is being provided.

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    If I were in Aruba at that time, I would definitely help as well. It's fantastic that this big spay/neuter campaign is happening this month and lots of follow-up work. Great job, everyone!

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