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    Orphan 8 week old kitten needs a home - free ride to DC


    I have a little orphaned kitten named Doug who is looking for a home.
    I have someone who is adopting Marie and bringing her to the
    DC area the beginning of April. We got them at 3 weeks old
    and they have been bottle fed and are now eating solid food
    and using the kitty litter already.

    We are able to fly 2 kittens in one carry on because they are so

    Doug is really the cutest kitten. He is a big lover dover and is
    playing with our other cats and dog so he is used to other

    If you know anyone who would like to adopt him - please let
    me know. We will pay for his first shots and certificate of

    You can look at his picture on our website
    We have many 'fans' of our kittens. Since they bond with humans
    at such a young age they are very special characters.

    Thanks for reading this!

    Aruba Kitten Rescue

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    I have just updated our website with the cutest picture of Doug!

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