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    I went on the Kukoo Kunuku - it was not that great. They served us a dinner at someone's outdoor patio at their home which was decent at best (caesar salad, some chicken... can't remember what dessert... the price does not include alcohol as well) and then took us to 3 bars. It seemed a bit odd because all the bars were completely empty until we got there... the lady who runs the tour was also strange and tried to sell some of us drugs at one point, and she also took off her shirt at one of the clubs (not sure if she was intoxicated or if she was just trying to entertain the crowd). If I was to do it again I would not. I would bar hop on my own and take cabs

    Definitely try to get to Flying Fishbone BEFORE sunset so you can be sitting and enjoying the sunset with a drink in hand! It is absolutely lovely. The curry seafood is amazing.

    Another restaurant favorite of mine is Madame Janette - their almond grouper is wonderful and their service is always impeccable. They have live music some nights as well so it also a romantic restaurant.

    I went on the Tattoo cruise at night too, this was actually lots of fun. They had a giant rope swing for people to jump into the water (a bit scary since it was so dark by then). Good DJ, lively group with "group games/activities".

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    Albany2aruba....let your boyfriend go to, you 'll be happier in aruba..

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    Haha, I can't ditch him! A few more thoughts: ABC has tennis courts. Should we pack rackets? Not sure if there's room in my suitcase at this point.

    Also, do we really have to get up super early to reserve palapas on the beach? Both of us are LATE sleepers.
    Can't wait for fun in the sun!

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    confused1...i like your schedule....kind of like mine will be...leave may 8th

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    Quote Originally Posted by confused1 View Post
    Starting to realise how boring I am this will be my 12th trip or so in 5 years and always the same

    7 am Breakfast
    8 am Beach
    5 pm get ready for dinner
    8 pm to 1 am casinos
    Sounds exactly right to me!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albany2Aruba View Post
    I am SO excited. We leave this Friday!!! This weekend my boyfriend compiled the list of things I told him I wanted to do (most found while reading this forum) and made reservations. We haven't heard back from all of them but this is our rough itinerary so far:

    Friday 3/28
    Depart Newark at 8:30 a.m., Arrive in Aruba at 1:30 p.m.
    Check into the Aruban Resort and Casino at Eagle Beach

    Saturday 3/29
    Check into the Aruba Beach Club
    Take the Kukoo Kunuku (barhopping) tour at 6:30 p.m.

    Sunday 3/30
    Brunch at Le Dome at 11 a.m.
    Dinner at Aqua Grill at 7:30 p.m.

    Monday 3/31
    Tattoo Cruise "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" at 4:30

    Tuesday 4/1
    Rent Jeep

    Wednesday 4/2

    Thursday 4/3
    Dinner at Flying Fishbone at 6:30

    Friday 4/4
    Flight to Curacao
    Check in at Curacao Hilton

    Saturday 4/5

    Sunday 4/6

    Monday 4/7
    Fly back to Aruba at 9 a.m.
    Depart Aruba at 2:25 p.m.

    I left lots of time slots open to "go with the flow" but I want to make sure I I didn't miss anything. How does this sound?

    Counting down the minutes!!!
    If you end up with any extra Tatoo drink chips or any chips from Curacao, please pm me!! I collect them! Aruba too, but I don't think I need anything new from Aruba.

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