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    Palm Beach

    Packing already??

    I can't believe that I'm starting to get things in order for our up coming trip......collapsible fishing pole,snorkel gear and swim trunks.....OK I'm packed.LOL,LOL,LOL

    Can you tell I'm gettin' anxious??

    I need sun and warmth.It's been a lousy winter and we ain't done yet.

    See you all soon.

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    Eagle Beach, exploring the "Outback", Madi's tour to the Natural Pool , dinner at Papiamento's
    Well, we're leaving on the same day (St Maarten this year) and I'm mentally getting my packing organized!!!!!

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    we cannot get stuff organized too soon.
    our dog gets too excited.
    if she sees the toiletry bags on the counter top, or piles of clothes stacked on the hope chest.......she gets nutty!
    she loves going to her dogsitter friend annette.
    we have to keep things hidden til we are ready to go out the door!

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    We have the same problem with our cat. He sees that luggage and piles of clothes and he goes straight into a tailspin. We now put our clothes to pack in laundry baskets. And we hide the luggage in a room he rarely goes into. Sometimes, we even through a blanket over them. The things we do for our pets.....

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