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    You will see dogs wandering through neighborhoods, but not in packs. We often laugh at the time two dogs chased us through their neighborhood. They were being friendly and playful, but when you see them coming at your open jeep, the initial reaction was that they were ready to attack! Not the case, however! Just having some fun!

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    This was the dog who joined me at my palapa in April. I thought she was a stray but it turned out that she followed a Dutch couple to the beach and was their neighbor's dog (which could explain why she looked at me in disgust when I offered her some of my morning toast. ) No collar or anything.

    She loved laying by and UNDER (she dug a spot in the sand) my lounge chair and kept me company all day (I was there without my hubby on this trip.)

    She would follow me to the water but wouldn't go in. Then she would bark at me when she felt it was time I got out and we would go back to "our" palapa.

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    oh my packs of cats and goats............that's a whole OTHER issue.

    in early years of my travels to aruba we'd have to apply the brakes and sometimes actually sit and cut the engine due to herds of goats and donkeys blocking the road. seriously!

    Quote Originally Posted by Musicman View Post
    "My boyfriend and I were looking for local art, and we ended up dining there at the same time. The owner was sooo nice. The atmosphere so authentic. NOt only was the food beautifully presented and delicious, but you get a side plate of little specialties like polenta and plantains, which was better than anywhere on the island. In fact, we went back a few nights later just to get directions to go somewhere else because we were lost and wanted to try different restaurants nearby, and the owners were nice enough to help us get somewhere else. unfortunately, we should have stayed at Gasparito as we were almost truthfully attacked by a pack of dogs. The owner advised us not to walk on our own, but we didn't listen. anyway, it was our favorite restaurant from our trip, and we cherish the two paintings we bought there as well."

    This was one example of what I read while looking through restaurant reviews.
    I feel a lot more comfortable after getting your feedback...thanks so much.
    You can see that this quote would be a bit concerning to someone who has never been a dog person. Of course I'd be a bit concerned had I read that packs of cats were attacking people as well! Or goats....or donkeys...or lions and tigers and bears...Oh My!

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    While on the Tranquillo last year, we saw a pack of dogs by the dump going through the garbage. Probably about 15-20 dogs.

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    i dunno about the dogs NOT being wild ones. while a lot of them are mostly confined to the front of a house w/o a leash - a lot of them look quite malnutrition.

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    never saw a pack of wild dogs....lots of strays...we usually keep leftovers and take them with us when traveling and if we see a few strays we feed them....know we are not supposed to but they all look so underfed I feel sorry for them. I am sure most belong to someone, but the food would get pitched anyway so I figure we may as well feed them to the dogs...

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    I'm surprised no one has brought up the idea of being swarmed by huge flocks of budgies while out horseback riding....

    Not too many Monty Python fans here I guess.
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