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Thread: Papiamento Web Translator?

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    Papiamento Web Translator?

    Does anyone know of or use a decentPapiamento to English web translator where you can copy and paste a phrase or news article? I have tried all that I can find but they are all hit or miss.

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    Never found one. Spanish was as close as I could get.

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    Did you try this one?

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    Dec 2007
    @LauraAruba - that one seems to work better with just a word or two. It doesn't work well with a paragraph or two.

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    Feb 2010
    I think that web translator is based upon "papiamentu", as spoken in Curacao. Aruba's "papiamento", as I understand it, is somewhat different, especially in writing. That may be why the translations are somewhat spotty.

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    Good point on the different language, rpumpire.

    The translators that were mentioned are all fine and good, however, I do have to say that there is so much colloquialism in the language that it can be really difficult to decipher sometimes. I've attempted to have short conversations with friends on the island, with them "prompting" me to use papiamento, but they inevitably slip into short forms and such, eg: Bn for Bon, instead of bon nochi or bon tardi you end up getting bnochi, and when you're seeing it for the first few times, you kinda go.... what?
    Don't expect a really accurate translator... yet. Perhaps in time someone will really dig in and create one for real.
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