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Thread: Parking..payments, boots etc.

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    oh, CK, didn't realize if they were white marked with no numbers it was free parking. saw them by the vendor huts there where Paddock is. Was afraid to park there. Learned something new. I think this above posting by you states it clearly. Thanks!!

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    We really haven't chimed in on this topic much, as it is what it is. The statement that was made with regard to paid parking and it's affect on retail stores sort of contradicts the fact that there now always seems to have available parking whenever we drive downtown. And like WaltB said, it was not like this before.

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    That parking spots are readily available downtown is not a good thing. It's a strong indicator that fear people are going there and that business is down.

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    How about we close this thread and start a new one with positive updates to the parking situation?

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    thread is now closed.

    "Positive Aruba News" has now been established.

    thanks to walt and to tracey for the idea.

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