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    passport pages filled

    what does one do when all of their pages of their non expired passport are stamped?

    (not me)
    i got a pm from one of our members that visits aruba and mexico very often and now has no more space for his upcoming december 27 trip to aruba.

    i advised him to contact the state dept and make inquiry there.

    found the answer:
    1. The visa/stamp pages in your passport are full or close to full (less than two (2) to four (4) blank pages)1. Mail completed form DS-4085, Application for Additional Visa Pages, with your passport to the following address:

    National Passport Processing
    P.O. Box 13408
    Philadelphia, PA 19101-3408

    2. Click here to Fill out and print form DS-4085
    3. Click here for Expedited Service information
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    Must first click on the box. Then hit submit.
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    you don't count the last 2 pages they are admendments,I just got more pages at the american embassy (out side usa) that way you don't have to mail your passport,I don't know but there may be a consultant in aruba that can add pages.if you are lucky they will add the pages at the end and not in the middle.makes it hard to find your last stamp.

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    If your pages are full, you are one lucky traveler...

    I was so excited to get the first stamp from Aruba!!!!!
    Travis and Kelly Masi

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