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    Pastry chef for Aruba?

    Hi everybody,
    my name is Vassilis (new one on the forum), i'm French, and I'd like to know if it will be easy to work and live in Aruba. I used to live in Miami and Caribbean (in St Maarten, Rep. Dominicana, Martinique). I saw so many things about Aruba and it looks like Amazing. I just came back in Paris there's 2 months ago and I know I can't live no more by the European way of life, I need to live with more human people and more sun too ...I speak French, English, Spanish, Greek, and some words in Italian (argh I don't speak Dutchbut I know I could learn it by talking with people)...
    So if anyone of you could let me know about it , it will be great.

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    When You Come To Aruba You Have To Show Ticket When You Are Leaving

    You Can Only Stay A Certain Time Legally

    Check With Arubian Government

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Below are some links with additional information, it is not an easy thing to do:

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