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Thread: Plastic bags ....banned..... effective Jan 1 2017

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    I am so happy to hear this...We waste so many bags when we go shopping, I do use the Divi Bags but I will pack a bunch of Aldi's bags (cooler ones too) and use them instead !!!
    Now as someone else mentioned, we should ban them here too !!! and why stop there, the biggest culprit is the six pack rings that get into the water and suffocate the sea life!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danadog56 View Post
    and why stop there, the biggest culprit is the six pack rings that get into the water and suffocate the sea life!!!!
    prototype created in Florida!
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    We are going to take our reusable shopping bags , This time As Our guest will not know .So some more information, We will have to
    pass on to future guest .
    Everything used to come in paper in some form or another ,So why can't we go backwards in time then there would be no needless none bio degradable items ...
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    went to my shoprite yesterday. I always use recycleable bags. the woman told me the end of the year, they were going to ban plastic bags. now i got the impression it wasn't a shoprite thing but more of a bill passed. but its not just Aruba, we are finally doing it too. I don't know if its just shoprite or just NJ or what. but i bet the stores jack up the price of the recycled bags. I lost mine because I left them somewhere so when i went yesterday, i was buying a new supply. the manager is so nice, she gave me two regular (which are bigger & better than the cloth ones I had) and one zippered cold storage bag. I bought three more regular. it was time to get new ones, the ones i had were so old.

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