I got 2 private messages recently from a forum member asking "why did you move my post?"
I replied that it was misplaced into the wrong forum/category (was posted in general and should have been in culinary)

the 2nd of those messages asked me why I could post culinary things into aruba general.....and ending with "it's not fair"
(my posting was in the correct area)

my reply was that to the best of my knowledge I do make my postings in the appropriate categories and if i am in error, i gladly correct.

folks, please make your postings in the appropriate categories if you are able............food/restaurants/museums/festivals = Culinary and Culture

if you are unable or confused, jacki or i will move them to the appropriate category.......no harm no foul. we do not mind moving them at all, it takes 5 seconds.
but please do not accuse either of us as being unfair.
we are always precariously balanced on the fence trying to be as fair and and balanced as possible.

happy saturday