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Thread: Prime Minister Michael Eman protests at Ft Zootman!

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    Prime Minister Michael Eman protests at Ft Zootman!

    Aruba is not my country and i really have no other information. I probably need a real civics lesson..............
    anyway here is what is going on per today's Daily News

    I have met the Prime Minister Michael Eman 2x and my opinion is that he is an honorable and kind gentleman.

    So re: this hunger strike, all i can say is ...........I am speechless.
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    Oh my! I have an AVP flag flying over my "Tiki hut", as a show of respect for the current administration. A lot of the people I've spoken to on the island love and respect Mr. Eman immensely. I hope this issue is solved before any damage is done to the people or island of Aruba. Thanks for posting Andrea.

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    From USA Today
    Aruba's leader, legislators launch hunger strike

    AP4:36 p.m. EDT July 12, 2014

    (Photo: Pedro Famous Diaz AP)


    ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) — Aruba's prime minister and several legislators have launched a hunger strike to protest what they say is meddling by the Dutch government in local financial affairs.
    The group gathered Friday outside the governor's offices in the capital of Oranjestad, where they spent the night with an ambulance and medical team on standby.
    "We stand together with the people to defend our autonomy," parliamentarian Desiree Croes said.
    The hunger strike comes after the Dutch government asked Aruba's governor to hold off on signing the 2014 budget into law pending an evaluation of it. The Dutch Caribbean island, which approved the budget two weeks ago, is facing a major deficit and its national debt represents 75 percent of its GDP.
    Aruba Prime Minister Mike Eman said he considered the Dutch request a direct attack on Aruba's autonomy and said he will continue the hunger strike until the governor signs the budget.
    Others participating in the strike echoed the sentiment.
    "There is no time limit to support the fight for our autonomy," said Tourism and Transportation Minister Otmar Oduber.
    Aruba is part of the Netherlands' kingdom, but it obtained autonomy in internal affairs in 1986. It manages its own finances, although the Dutch government is responsible for upkeep of sound management.

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    Yo Mike, instead of going on a hunger strike, why not stay in your office with the others and get his thing squared away. Sitting in the fort on a diet is not going to help matters in the least. Work together and come to an agreeable solution. . . .

    Tom and Stanley (the Aruba Guys)

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    I may not have all the facts, but it seems to me that Aruba is overspending their income by enough to create a 3.2 billion Afl deficit. I assume the Netherlands is covering this deficit.

    Then the two governments agreed on a percentage of budget overrun that the submitted budget exceeded. It appears to me that the Netherlands govt. is justified in questioning the budget as it violates the agreement.

    I agree with Tom that this is an issue that has to be worked through by the two governments. The hunger strike grabs headlines but solves nothing.

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