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    Problem with this site - cont'd

    what does everyone think of the below? (there's my question - now you don't have a reason to close or lock my thread).

    bishop's thread is gone

    The problem with this forum

    okay here's what the moderators of this site need to do:

    a) stop bullying posters when they present an opposing view. no one should be forced to explain their beliefs - especially when the request is made in an argumentative, discouraging, and demeaning manner.

    b) stop closing and locking threads that don't fit your needs - such as mine and that of countless others - bishop's for example. so long as we're not posting provocative or pervasive materials, there should be no reason for our voices to be muted by 3 individuals - the moderators (andrea mostly).

    c) let people say what they want. the moderators censure this site like we're living in china.

    d) the moderators need to back off and chill out. your job is not to censure the site to fit your needs but to ensure no one gets hurt or illegal activity takes place on this site. and from the nature of the posts that you've targeted to date since i've recently joined this site, i don't believe they've fit any of those description.

    i'm sure this post too will be closed or locked down for some capricious reasons that one of you moderators will conjure - like you closed my other thread b/c i wasn't asking a question? since when did every thread have to be about a question? can't we just express our views - whether they're positive or negative?

    by the way, i will keep posting this until changes are made. so, don't bother locking or closing it. and if my id is "banned" i'll simply make a new one. this authoritative regime needs to end. this site needs to be a public modem of free speech.

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    I agree you have the right to disagree. I disagree with those who disagree with me!! The truth will set you free!! Oh crap, now I'm a poet. Just shoot me!!

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    Love Alto Vista chapel and the California light house!!!
    WOW….it sounds as if everyone needs to ‘take five’!!!!!

    Been following ‘these’ thread for some time and with some interest. Although a novice to this forum in my humble opinion the in house rumbling is proving rather distracting from some good old contribution and discussion. I am relatively new to this forum and although I may not be familiar with its ‘spirit’, I think I’m right in saying that ‘spirit of the Island’ is not the exclusion of some, but rather the inclusion of all. To that end, surely the guiding principle, if not the goals and aspiration of this ‘community forum’ ought to focus on that…the inclusion of all!!! It’s not until we can all be open and honest with our views and opinions and have them aired that real debate can begin. I think so long as it remains within the ‘guidelines and parameters’ of the forum then it should be fair game ~ be it Good, Bad or Indifferent!!!
    “If everyone thought the same, nothing would ever change”
    "Land of the rising smile"

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    "Case Closed"

    The Administrata controlling the content on this site has spoken. You will all conform and you will like it!!!
    After attempts made privately to reopen the origional thread entitled 'The problem with this forum' had failed, this message was sent in explanation.

    ty for your private message. the thread will remain closed, but not deleted.this has already been discussed with the moderastors and with the administrator.andrea
    Originally Posted by KK&Lj
    Thank you for your response. I will edit bishop's copied post from my entry. I do however disagree with your closing the thread that arubaness started earlier today titled "The problem with this forum". I think you'll agree, that is what prompted bishop to start the thread. If you did mean what you wrote to hx_guy;
    "we look forward to reading your opinions.
    after all this is a board of opinions and bantering",
    then arubaness was on the right track. Censorship has no place in this particular case. Open the thread and allow others to agree with you or not. The truth is all that matters. Opinions are always 'truth' but only to those who have them. JMO

    Now you all know the rest of the story.

    ty???? omg.....maybe they are bff's.

    Keep up the good fight. Tyranny can creep into our lives only if we allow it.

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    I'm I dreaming or what.....
    The superman of freedom is with us...

    You seems to forgot that this forum isn't a public newspaper...
    It's a privatly own forum that runs with his own rules, you don't like them?
    Then find one you like.

    If you think that with phrases like:
    "...don't bother locking or closing it. and if my id is "banned" i'll simply make a new one(and keep posting)..."
    You're gone win any support for your crusade...

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    AndreaJ; Arubalisa: You have a wonderful site. I, and I am sure, many contributors back you folks 100%. You spend much valuable time monitoring this site to make it enjoyable and highly informative and you time and efforts should be appreciated...not "knocked." Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.

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    I just got a warning for sarcastically responding to a post with inappropriate content. I then clicked the "Report" button and explained why I felt the post was inappropriate. The moderator evidently agreed and removed the offending post.

    The mods were right to "ding" me, and they were right to remove the offending post. If you have a problem with a post, then click the report button and be done with it. The public forum is not the appropriate place.

    This is a moderated forum, If you went into my house and listed what was wrong with it, I would kick you out also.
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    Comparing hair balls to oranges...? LOL

    Very true, but a privately owned site that the public is invited to participate in is far different than a public site that is on public land. Just like a restaurant is allowed to post rules, so does this message board. Newspapers do not print all letters they receive. is a company and is in competition with other message boards. You a re certainly allowed to visit others and even start your own. If the market agrees, they will follow. has every right to protect the integrity of their board and moderate the forums to confirm to their standards.

    I have never seen a post closed because of the truth, but rather the behavior of some of the posters. This post is a good example of something that should be closed.

    The title is "problems with this site", and then goes on to say people are "bullying", without example.

    Then complains about posts being closed, and makes the indefensible statement that " there should be no reason for our voices to be muted by 3 individuals - the moderators" Then what are moderators for?

    The ridiculous line, "let people say what they want." would just lead to flame wars.

    "the moderators censure this site like we're living in china." Is both inflammatory and not very accurate. If this was China, the moderators would be at his house and arrest him. Here is a good line from the rules, "Have respect for other opinions. If you disagree with someone, do not attack them personally." Considering the government in China, that is a personal attack.

    "back off and chill out", again this is inflammatory. "Chill out"? "Back off"? Seriously, that is inflammatory.

    your job is...." Now the author is telling the moderators what their job is. I do not believe he is the guy who hired them, so he is not the one to say. I read the rules, and as far as I know the moderators are supposed to enforce the rules. They go far beyond illegal behavior.

    this site needs to be a public modem of free speech." Freedom of Speech is a protection from Government putting limits on speech, not privately owned corporations. This statement is unsupported.

    Someone posts an opinions, then when a bunch of people disagree, he falls back on, "ganging up on me" mentality. A bunch of people disagreeing with someone and then posting as individuals is not "ganging up on", it is just a majority opinion.

    Speaking of rules, I did violate one, and it is well within to warn, or cancel my membership, I responded to a troll.

    Almost forgot, this post seems to only exist to criticize the moderators. There is a thread at the top of this forum that asks for suggestions, that is an appropriate place.

    This whole thread is just a series of fallacious arguements.
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