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    Puppy still needs to be accompanied PLEASE

    Hi everybody,

    I am still looking for some kind soul to do me this great favor of bringing a puppy to Aruba. The puppy is currently located in Collinsville, Texas, but can be shipped to where the person is. I have now asked so many people already and had some close calls to bringing him, but no success yet. The idea was to give my four year old son this puppy for his birthday on November 11, but because of the temperature in Aruba exceeding 85 degrees, American Airlines would not allow it to be shipped as cargo. Therefore I am trying to get someone to bring it for me. I will of course pay for all the expenses involving the puppy and a $100 to the person that can bring it. If you can help, please reply to me. I hope that I can find a Santa soon to bring this puppy to Aruba. Thank you.


    Information on the puppy:
    1. It is a Beagle
    2. 12 weeks old
    3. It has all his shots and health certificate
    4. He has a microchip
    5. He has go in the cabin of course
    6. It was purchased at a breeder

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    My nephew will be flying from Dallas/Fort Worth airport to Aruba in 16 days on Saturday, Dec. 19th. He can take the puppy then.

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